My Name Is Santiago Garcia Rodriguez

I Was born in August 14 of 2003, And I'm the biggest in my family. After me it goes my sister Mariajose then it goes Pablo who is a Lego learner, he loves doing it and it is interesting watch what he does in class, after him it goes my other sister Fatima who is so brave she loves superheroes but she hates the princesses also she likes playing with me.

When I was 5 I loved dogs so I asked my parents but they never told me yes. So then at the age of 10 at the 1st of August of if I remember I Ask my parents if I could have a dog for birthday and they told me “we´ll think.”

And I waited and I waited and one day I heard them at night talking about it so I said it’s a yes !!! yes!!! Yes!!! And so now my dog is named Nala.